5 Brushes You Need in Your Makeup Bag

Everytime I do some sort of makeup tutorial, I always make the disclaimer that I am not an MUA (makeup artist),  because I am most definitely not. I’m just a girl who likes makeup and sharing my experience with you all. I don’t expect to have super flawless results like Jackie Aina but, I do like how makeup can enhance one’s natural features, when done properly. With all that said, I wanted to share with you all 5 brushes you need in your makeup bag. Having at least these 5 will ensure that you can achieve almost any look. I do have many more brushes in my collection but these are the ones I find myself reaching the most for anytime I do my makeup



Flat Top Foundation Brush


(Different foundations work better with flat top brushes, or with a beauty blender)


I honestly can’t remember the first time I bought thise.l.f brushbut I know it was in my super early days of starting to wear makeup. It is super affordable (only $3) and lasts for a very long time. I actually have two of these brushes in my collection because its THAT good. Depending on the foundation I’m using, I use this brush to either buff the foundation directly onto my face, or to lightly buff out foundation that I already applied using a beauty blender. With certain foundations (oil based ones in particular), this brush works WONDERS. It literally glides the foundation onto your face and doesn’t leave you looking patchy AT ALL. I also use this brush to blend out any harsh lines after highlighting and contouring, and let me tell you, it makes SUCH a difference.



Fluffy Brush5 brushes you need in your makeup bag5 brushes you need in your makeup bag


Whether you’re a blush type of girl, or contour type of chick, you need a big fluffy brush like this in your collection. I use this particular only for my blush, but it can be used for powder contour as well (for a more subtle definition). This brush is from the Iman collection and it’s been rocking with me for a minute now (you can get theentire brush collectionfor just $35!). I love this brush because it applies just enough product. Although it has a lot of bristles and appears dense, it isn’t. Which means I’m not out here looking like a straight up clown.



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Eyebrow Spoolie


If you don’t have this in collection yet, baby, what is you doooiiinnnn??? Any brow slay requires you to lay down those hairs so they blend with what you’ve drawn on. Not doing so is like getting a weave install and not blending in your real hair with it…no no baby. This thing legit is a brow saver. Even when I don’t do my brows, brushing them upwards with aneyebrow spoolie(this one was literally $1) makes a whole lot of difference than trying to do it with my hands #FAIL



Wide Eyeshadow Brush


This particular one is from Morphe brushes. And let me say that it PACKS on the eyeshadow. And because it’s so wide, it can cover a large amount of space in a short amount of time. I have quite a lot of lid, so this is definitely one of my preferred brushes when I’m in a hurry (which is most of the time), but also want some sort of color on my eyes.



Round Blending Brush


I swear by this brushyou guys. Literally. If I only had this brush in my collection, I could probably figure it out Lol. This brush blends so beautifully. Again, when I’m opting for a simple eye look, which is 90% of the time, this brush has my back. It diffuses any color, whether I’m using it as a transition, or as the main color on the lid. It’s not densely packed, but it’s not scanty either. The bristles are super soft, allowing whatever eyeshadow I put on to apply easily (even with stubborn powdery shadows).


I hope this helps you all the next time you’re searching for what type of makeup brush to add to your collection!


Until next time…




All Photography by Kristen Ashley



  1. Giselle S. | 18th Aug 17

    these are some really great picks for brushes!

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