About Seyi

I am a Nigerian-American style and lifestyle blogger currently residing in my hometown of Los Angeles. I earned my MBA (Masters of Business Administration) in May 2016 from the American University at Washington, D.C. Before moving to D.C. for school, I worked in the advertising media world. I hope to combine my marketing background along with my business knowledge to making a statement in the blogging and fashion industries. I am a Christ follower and love to express that on this platform. I feel that God has given me an avenue to not only express myself, but also His goodness. I hope you can take some inspiration!

Why did you start a style blog?

When I graduated from undergrad in June 2012, I spent months looking for a full-time job and it was then that I decided that it was time to start my blog. I always had the desire, but never had the courage to start while in school. I noticed people always asking me where I got my clothes and shoes from, and that’s when In Fashion I Trust (now The Daily Seyi) was born! It started off as a hobby but in January 2015, it became apparent to me that I wanted it to be much more. I devoted more time to it, between school and work, and still do so to today. This blog gives me the opportunity to reach out to people in a way that I never thought I could. Overall, I want people to feel impacted by my blog.

Why did you choose the name “The Daily Seyi”?

Since I’ve been blogging for the past 5 years, I’ve realized that I have much more to talk about than just my style. The Daily Seyi embodies everything that I am. My style tips, my beauty tips, and my life. I wanted a name that reflected more of me to you all.

What advice would you give those wanting to start a blog?

GO FOR IT! Whether it’s a hobby, a part-time gig, or your full time job, always put 100% into it. Do whatever you can possibly do in your power to make your blog flourish. And allow the rest of the pieces to fall where they may. Lastly, be patient. Be patient with the journey and with the process and enjoy every step.


Disclosure: InFashionITrust is a part of affiliate marketing networks. Therefore, I may receive commission from specific links, including ones found on my social media networks. Additionally, some products within a post may be sponsored. When they are, it will be disclosed. However, all opinions are my own.



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