What to Wear as a Fall/Winter Wedding Guest

Fall/Winter wedding season is well underway and I am such a fan. I’ve already decided that when I get married, I will either do a fall or early spring wedding (talk about serious pre-planning). Weddings are the perfect excuse to get dolled up and fancy. I love having the opportunity to dress to the nine if I can. So today’s post is all about what to wear as a fall/winter wedding guest.

This goes without saying that you should not, under any circumstance, wear white to a wedding. Unless you’ve been explicitly instructed by the bride and groom to do so, then just don’t. For one, you’re going to be the talk of the day. Save yourself the trouble and don’t try to outshine the bride with your own floor length white gown. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear ANY floor length gowns, if your heart so desires. Especially in the Fall, I would expect that most guests would be wearing dresses below the knee. Like this dress here c/o of Ali and Jay. Let me just be the one to say that I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS COLOR! Come all the way through plum! But we’ll get more into deets in a bit. what to wear to a fall/winter weddingwhat to wear to a fall/winter wedding

Floor Length Gowns

So you have a wedding to attend in the next week or so and and you’re stumped on what to wear?? I’ve been there too. When all else fails, go with black. Black is always classic and you will never look out of place. And you can get away with mid length or maxi dresses in that color and still look stunning.

Ok, so maybe black isn’t your cup of coffee. Well, you have all the fall colors at your disposal. Some folks are into rich jewel tones while others are more into the muted colors. For jewel tones, wine tones, glistening royal blues, popping burgundys, and stunning emeralds are all your best friends. These work on every single skin tone and are soooooooo eye catching but not in a way that would take attention away from the couple, but in the, “I have arrived and ready to meet my future husband” type of way.

Midi Dresses

Whatever you decide, do not go to a wedding in what you could double to wear to a club. It’s just not cute and again, it brings unnecessary attention to you when it should be on the couple of the day. Midi dresses are perfect ways to accent your shape without looking too out of place. Depending on the style, you can get away with a little bit of extra skin showing, but again, nothing excessive. Darker Floral prints are always a win when it comes to attending a fall/winter wedding. Or you can go the more simple route and choose a one color dress that has a bit more flair.what to wear to a fall/winter weddingwhat to wear to a fall/winter wedding

Ali & Jay Dress

About a month or so ago, I attended the grand opening of the first Ali & Jay shop at Westfield Century City. It was the cutest event and their store is so nicely put together, with just enough details and products. I had the opportunity to meet the CMO who told me she loved my content (you never know who’s watching), and she urged me to try on this dress. And safe to say that she was all the way right! She picked out the perfect size and as soon as I put it on, I was in looooove. I don’t own many floor length dresses, so I was STUCK!

The dress is super lightweight as well so it won’t weigh you down as you’re getting it in on the dance floor*. Sidenote: I am ALWAYS dancing at every wedding. I mean, that’s like my favorite part of the day lol! I paired this look with silver accessories and decided to be a bit extra and add some faux fur. Because, why not?? I wore this dress to the wedding of a dear friend, Thaina and her husband Sam. Such a beautiful couple!what to wear to a fall/winter wedding what to wear to a fall/winter wedding

*For reference, I am 5’8″ and I am wearing 4 in heels with this dress and it is not jumpy! *round of applause*

Until next time…

Ali & Jay Pleated Maxi Dress | Forever 21 Faux Fur Coat


All Photography by Kristen Ashley


  1. Joy | 12th Dec 17

    You look stunning! And your make up is on point!
    xo Joy

  2. Nikki | 12th Dec 17

    You look incredible!


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