Finding the Perfect Red Lip

Although the holidays may be over, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on finding the perfect red lip. Today’s post features 3 red lip colors that I’ve recently discovered that I am starting to really love! They range from the brightest to the deepest. I’ll be sharing everything from application to wearability and ranking them on a scale from 1-5 (5 being the best).

Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored by Fenty Beauty

As soon as I saw the ad for this, I immediately knew that it was going to be purchased. When they claimed it would be a ” universal red for every skin tone” I wanted to actually see how accurate that was. I will admit, when I first tried this color on after purchasing it, I was completely turned off. Maybe it was the way I did my makeup that day, but for some reason I just didn’t like the way it looked. One month later, I decided to try it again and after a few minutes, I was actually starting to like the way it looked. It is a very bright red. If your goal is to stand out, then this color will do exactly that. Don’t get me wrong though, it is stunning and pigmented as hell.

finding the perfect red lipfinding the perfect red lip

Initially I thought this color was similar to MAC’s Ruby Woo, but upon swatching it, I realized that Uncensored has a yellow-orange base whereas Ruby Woo has a blue base. As far as finish, it’s most definitely matte. Although it’s quite liquid-y coming out of the bottle.  It does dry down, but it is not transfer proof. As in, if you happen to swipe your finger against your lips, or anything for that matter, expect to lose that color. Overall, I give this color a  3 out of 5. I do wish it was more of a blue red. And I wish that it wasn’t so moveable.

Rock Steady by Urban Decay

My favorite out of all three! This color is theeeeee perfect red for me. It compliments my skin tone perfectly and dries down to a very matte finish that does not budge. I bought this the same I purchased Uncensored since it was on sale, and I needed to add to my red lip collection. You ever look at a color in a bottle and just know that it’ll be bomb?? That was this color for me. I wore it for Christmas (in true holiday fashion). It’s described as a deep wine red. It’s sold out on both the Urban Decay and Sephora site, but still in stock at Ulta so get your hands on this before it’s too late! I give this color a 5 out of 5. Yes, that good!

finding the perfect red lipfinding the perfect red lip

Fierce by Soclear Makeup

I think I am most excited to share this color because it is a Nigerian owned brand (for the culture)! This brand is called SoClear Makeup and this color is a beautiful brownish red. For my Nigerian followers, this brand is definitely more accessible for you all. This applies more thicker than most matte liquid lipsticks I own. It’s reminiscent of NYX’s soft matte lip cream and I absolutely love that formula. It does dry down to a super matte finish as well. As far as color payoff, I would say you need about 2.5 good swipes to really get the color to pop. I wore this for Monday’s style post (because red, black and white are perfect together). I give this an 4 out of 5, mainly because I of the color payoff. But overall, it’s a great formula and the color gives me just enough red.

finding the perfect red lipfinding the perfect red lip

Until next time…

All Photography by Kristen Ashley


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