Gold Pants + White Sweater

Am I the only one that didn’t know there were still magazine stands?? I know I am probably overreacting but when I saw this stand I was legit shocked!! So of course, I knew that I had to shoot this entire look in front of it. Am I giving “living my bougie life in NYC vibes yet or nah?”. But forreal, it’s super dope that something like magazine stands are still in existence today. In a time where damn near everything is digital, it’s a bit refreshing to see and hold physical copies of a magazine.

gold pants white sweatergold pants white sweatergold pants white sweater

Not sure how many times I can say this, but when an outfit can go from daytime to nighttime, it’s alright in my book. I love this entire combo because while it may seem pretty dressy with the pants, the sweater gives it this casual vibe that makes it appropriate for a daytime get together. Not to mention, it is supppppeeerrr comfy. These pants are food proof as well, as in, you can eat your heart out and these will expand as necessary. Perfect for brunch!

gold pants white sweatergold pants white sweatergold pants white sweater

Until next time…

Mock Neck Sweater (similar) | Pretty Little Thing Gold Pants (sold out; similar) | Brown Chain Purse (old; similar)

All Photography by Kristen Ashley


  1. Delaya B. | 7th Feb 18

    Haha, I feel I’ll feel the same way if I saw a pay phone on the sidewalk. Automatic photo shoot! These things must be documented! I like the gold pants though; I think they’d be an easy thing to throw on for a chill work day office outfit.

    • thedailyseyi | 11th Feb 18

      lol!! right! so nostalgic!

  2. Undercover | 28th Jan 18

    I love the gold pants and your style is incredible 😍😍

  3. Demilade | 25th Jan 18

    I’m such a huge fan of physical magazines as opposed to digital ones! You’re right, this look can easily transition from day to night. I love how luxe yet simple it is, you look so good. And yay to pants that let you eat as much as you want to! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

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