My Lash Extension Experience

On my IG stories I asked if I should share my Lash Extension experience and a lot of you said yes so, here we are! This was technically my 2nd time getting extensions, but the first time was a “baby trial” as I would say. I’ve always been slightly skeptical of getting them done because I’ve seen some wonky looking ones and it turned me off. Not to mention, I LOVE my mascara. Even on my no makeup days, it gives my eyes just enough pop.

But the way my lashes were done with the extensions are perfect. Dare I say, I like it better than just wearing mascara (GASP!). The length and density are just right my lids and are appropriate enough for work, but also noticeable. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them since having them “installed” and I think I have become a full believer on the lash extensions movement.lash extension experience


When you’re getting your lashes done, you should go to the lash technician with a bare face and bare eyes. No makeup residue = best results.Whenever anything comes near my eyes, I probably blink at least 100x/second. So if you’re somewhat of a flincher like I am, I recommend thinking of something that makes you feel extremely relaxed.  My technician had a show playing in the background so I was oddly able to easily follow what was happening with the characters on the show without seeing what was going on (which was an eye opener, ironically).

While I would say it’s ok to doze off during the process (I did this the first time and I was told that I tend to flinch in my sleep as well), I would try to stay awake since we aren’t really aware of our bodily functions while we sleep. This will help the lash technician do the best job she can. The entire process takes about 2-4 hours depending on how dense you’re getting the lashes. The style I received took about 3 hours in total.



It is recommended to wash around your eyes for the first 48 hours after getting the lashes done to give the lash glue time to really adhere to your natural lashes. While this may seem a bit uncomfortable, it’s worth the semi-hassle. Since I’ve had the lashes, I’ve been washing around my eyes (I do wash my lower lash line since I apply mascara there), and I use a paper towel to clean my lid. I’m pretty heavy handed when it comes to washing my face, so I’ve avoided scrubbing my eyes too hard so I won’t release the glue on the lashes.

Additionally, to keep the longevity of the lashes, do not apply any mascara to them. Mascara will clump the lashes together, and this will result in spikey looking lashes instead of ones that are evenly sparsed out. And because you would need to be more heavy handed with taking off the mascara, this may cause the lashes to start falling out prematurely.

Lastly, you want to make sure that you are brushing them out at least once a day with the spooley that is provided to you. Brushing them out helps to keep the eyelashes evenly spaced, helps to remove any debris, and also avoids the possibility of clumping. With proper care, your lashes can last up to 4 weeks. Once you begin to notice some lashes falling out, you can go back for a fill (just as you would with a nail technician).

I hope this brief review of my experience is helpful to some of you who have been considering getting lash extensions. I’ve been rocking mines for close to two weeks now and they still look just as good as when I first got them! To be honest, this probably going to my new thing. I absolutely love the way it brings out my eyes even on those days that I look the most tired. If you’re the type of who isn’t into wearing a whole lot of eyeshadow when you do wear makeup, I would totally recommend going the lash extension route.

lash extension experience

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, my technician is taking bookings now! Let her know that Seyi sent you at the time of your booking and you’ll get your first extensions for $75 (originally $120)!

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All Photography by Kristen Ashley

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