Maxi Ruffle Dress

Another day, another Ali & Jay slay. I know, I know. This maxi ruffle dress was sent over to me from their newest collection and I knew I would love it as soon as I chose it. This is giving me “Havana ooo na na” teas! “Hold up they don’t love you like I love you” vibes, and I am all the way here for it! I don’t own many maxi dresses (this is actually the first that I’ve had in my closet within the past 2 years). But I’m getting the itch to add more! For this look, I kept the ruffle theme going with these pink lace up heels with ruffle details and a pair of earrings that remind me of the hair ties my mom used to use in my hair when I was younger.

maxi ruffle dressmaxi ruffle dress

We had about 1 month of winter and Los Angeles straight up said, “ok, hope y’all enjoyed that, now back to regular programming”. No complaints from me though! I love the spring/summer time. The sun brings out the happy in me and I always want to be outside (just like every other LA person). It’s crazy that across the country, people are still dealing with snow…a WHOLE snow. Nope! No thank you!

maxi ruffle dressmaxi ruffle dressmaxi ruffle dress

Recently, a group of friends and I made a pact to say one thing we are grateful for…every. single. day. Not going to lie, I was a little skeptical and to be honest, a bit pessimistic about it. But I still went along with it. Deep down I knew I needed to practice being grateful in the midst of things going haywire. And I must say, it’s been such an eye opener to reflect on the good things that are happening in the midst of the sucky.

For example, I’ve been having to stay late at work the past couple of days. Personally, not a fan of doing that but I also know it sometimes needs to get done. So, in trying to scramble for what I was grateful for, I said that I was grateful to even have a job where I sometimes have to stay late. Because there are people out there who are wishing to have some sort of steady employment. And no lie, I immediately felt a little less annoyed by staying late.

maxi ruffle dressmaxi ruffle dress

I encourage y’all to practice gratitude daily. This is coming from someone who wasn’t at all. Who would almost try their hardest to find the negative in things. But 2018, I am taking baby steps to do better in every aspect of my life (guess who’s been working out at least 2x a week!). Here’s to a happy weekend!

Until next time…

Ali & Jay Maxi Ruffle Dress | Ego Official Ruffle Heels (sold out; love these)|

All Photography by Kristen Ashley


  1. girleccentric | 12th Feb 18

    I always love your pictures…
    This is real “Havana oh na na” vibes..

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