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I am FINALLY back with another Beauty Edit post. About time. I love a nude lip! Even though it’s fall I cannot, and will not, stop wearing my fave nude lip combos. I wanted to show you guys a variation of lip combos that I do on a daily basis. With shades ranging from cool to warm and light to deep nude tones. I created a little video as well for entertainment purposes because who doesn’t like a good lip swatch vid!


img_0705-1 img_0707-1 img_0708-1 img_0709-1img_0711-1 img_0717-1

This lip color is my go to (cue Drake lyrics), my holy grail, my end all be all, my knight in shining armor, all of that! It never fails me and I’m always satisfied with my overall look when I have this nude combination on my lips. I line my lips with ColourPop’s Limbo, then I apply NYX Abu Dhabi all over the lip, creating an ombre effect of sorts. Last, I top it off with Elf’s Natural right in the center for the perfect highlight. 


img_0691-1 img_0696-1 img_0697-1 img_0698-1img_0703-1

I just recently tried this combo out and really liked the way it came out so, it had to make an appearance on this post. The deepness of BM with the lightness of Natural makes this really pretty mauvy pink. I line my lips heavily with Beauty Mark and then apply Natural in the center.


img_0675-1 img_0678-1 img_0688-1img_0678-1img_0687-1

This combo comes in close 2nd to the one above. It’s what I like to call, my work/school day lips. It pretty much matches my own natural lip color with a bit of dimension from Beauty Mark. It’s super flirty and can pretty much go with any eye color. I coat my lips with Abu Dhabi and then lightly line my lips with Beauty Mark. One, Two, Done!


img_0720-1 img_0722-1 img_0723-1 img_0731-1

I am a matte girl through and through. But as I mentioned in my previous post, change is good! I have had this NYX (can you tell I really love NYX products lol) Natural Gloss for some time now and I use it very very infrequently. But as of late, I’ve been wanting to “experiment” with lip combos so I took a chance, and loved the results. I lined my lips with Limbo. I then applied the Natural Gloss in the center of my lips. Because the gloss is quite pigmented, I made sure to keep the color centered to avoid getting to close to the lip line.  This combo is giving me major 90s vibes.


I keep my eye makeup pretty simple (mainly due to laziness…what can I say) so I love for my lips to be the center of attention. I think a nude lip does just that. Hope you all like this post. There will be more beauty edits to come!

ColourPop’s Limbo Liquid Lipstick, NYX Beauty Mark Liquid Lipstick, Abu Dhabi Soft Matte Lip Cream, & Natural Gloss, Elf’s Natural Matte Lip

“Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water” Hebrews 10:22

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  1. Ravi Roshan Jaiswal | 19th Oct 16

    Hey there,
    Greetings. :)
    Perfect guidelines to show you lip beautiful and women love doing that so much. This is the perfect destination, to keep up to date women on women style and fashion. I think, this is the perfect look of lip yet which women love.

    Each one looks more pretty and having a good looking lip enhance the beauty of face. So it become trend to look lip beautiful. The effects of lip which you have shown here is looking very nice.

    Best post indeed to look lip beautiful. I have shared this post over my social media accounts to reach maximum people. Your experience will be preferred by the reader. Yeah, change is good for every fashion lover. NYK product is becoming very popular among people. When it comes to buy a beauty product, people looks towards these product.

    Thanks .
    – Ravi.

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