Plaid Blazer + Who What Wear Cropped Pants

The plaid print trend has come and gone so many times now, but every time it comes back, it’s always a win. I know some people hate following trends and blah blah blah. But for me, I don’t mind it. There are some trend pieces that turn into staples, and the plaid blazer is definitely one of them. This particular one is c/o of Missy Empire.plaid blazerplaid blazer

The two fit options for this style of blazer is either “fitted” or “oversized”. I decided to go up a size because oversized blazers are my jam and never let me down. But if it were fitted, this would go so well with a matching straight leg bottom (and a pair of red pumps to top it off). I went a different route and paired the outfit with these Who What Wear cropped pants and a pair of sock boots that are the perfect fall transition piece. I’ve been really feeling random pops of colors lately so these red tassel earrings were an obvious yes to tie this entire look together.

Also, the fit of these pants are seriously the best. I love how it falls below my calves in comparison to other culottes I own. They give this very tailored, but relaxed feel that I am all the way here for. And I am surprisingly not mad at these buttons. They added just enough details to the monotone of this look.plaid blazerplaid blazer

Until next time…

Missy Empire Plaid Blazer | Who What Wear Cropped Pants | Ego Official Boots |  |

All Photography by Kristen Ashley


  1. yaramel | 6th Nov 17

    Cutest outfit! The earrings added a special touch :)

    • infashionitrust | 6th Nov 17

      thank you!! I added the earrings last minute so glad it all came together!

  2. Ifeoma | 6th Nov 17

    Love this!!!!

    • infashionitrust | 6th Nov 17

      Thanks so much girlie!!

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