How to Take Your Makeup Look from Work to Play

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As someone with a full time job, I now have to juggle maintaining somewhat of a social life on top of my marketing career and blogging career. Which means a lot of my time will be spent going from work to a blogging event. Or from work to hanging out with friends. I don’t necessarily have the time to go home and change my look so I wanted to share some quick tips on creating a look that can go from work to play with ease.

Look 1

Because this look is for work, you want to go with something that is extremely neutral. Sure, maybe you work in a place where you can rock whatever the heck you want to. And in that case, more power to you girl. But majority of people have some restrictions on different looks that are office appropriate. To elevate a look ever so slightly, a pair of wispy delicate lashes can do the trick to make your eyes pop. This pair from Private Label Extensions has just the right amount of weight and length to add some drama to the eyes without weighing them down (in my opinion). Additionally, I went with a neutral lip, my go to nude matte lip combo. This look never lets me down AND is quick and easy to do if you’re ever having a rush day (which is me about 99.9% of the time).private label extensions lashesprivate label extensions lashes

Lash Pros: Super lightweight. Noticeable, but not extremely dramatic. Easy to apply and nestles right into eyelash bed.

Lash Cons: I wish the strip of the lash was a bit longer and that it was more of a graduated length. Because my eyes are somewhat wider, I felt that the lash looked a bit short when it sat right in the center.

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Look 2

Let’s say you’re going out to dinner after work with bae and don’t necessarily have time to go home and change your look completely. Or you have an event that you need to attend but want to spruce up your look a bit more. One way to make a look go from day to night is with a winged black liner. This immediately adds a flair of drama without needing to go in with eyeshadow. Switch the nude lip with a dark red or plum lip. To touch up your face, dab a flat top foundation brush into your favorite setting powder, tap off excess, then press onto skin. This will help to eliminate oil patches and give you that matte look. To refresh, spritz your face with a setting spray or rosewater. Lastly, switch out the dainty lashes for a more dramatic pair like these here. private label extensions lashes

Pros: The strip of the lash is perfect! The length is also graduated, which looks more realistic when applied. The thickness is just enough to elevate your eyes without taking over.

Cons: Heavier than the lashes mentioned in the “work” look. Harder to apply (or maybe it’s just me).

Hope this post gives some of y’all a little inspiration to go out and slay at work and afterwards!

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“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14

All Photography & Edits by Kristen Ashley


  1. Giselle S. | 19th Jul 17

    I absolutely love both looks!!!!

    • infashionitrust | 20th Jul 17

      thank you so much Giselle!

  2. Omolade | 19th Jul 17

    Miss your posts so much. Welcome back

    • infashionitrust | 20th Jul 17

      Thank you Omolade! Feel so so good to be back!

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