Seyi’s 2017 Favorites

Alrighty! Now that we are in full swing of the new year, I figured it would be cool to take a stroll down memory lane of my favorite products from 2017. These are things that I either started using in the beginning of the year or in the middle of the year that I knew I would be taking into 2018. Some of these I’ve had to re-stock on more than once because, THAT good! Keep scrolling to read more!

Hair Products

August 2017, I decided to finally do a real BIG CHOP. My reasoning: boredom. I was bored with my hair and just wanted to do something drastically different. I also needed to release and for some reason, I felt that cutting my hair would be a good first step. You can read more about that journey here.2017 Best Hair Products for Black Women

After chopping, I knew I still wanted my curls to come out a play so I began testing out different products to see how they worked with my new do. One thing held true: Eco Styler Gel is that shiii. I was using it when I had a tapered cut to define the back part of my hair so once I start using it all over my hair, I was SOLD. I use the one with Olive Oil as it gives my hair hold without it being too stiff.

I also need a product that would keep my hair feeling moisturized consistently. Since I was washing my hair more frequently, I didn’t want it to be super dry. Shea Moisture’s 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-in Treatment did just that! After generously spritzing this on my hair after every wash and co-wash, my hair feels super soft to the touch.

I am not a fan of dry, crunchy looking hair. No matter how short, there needs to be some sheen action going on, and Shea Moisture came through again for ya girl with this On-the-Go Conditioning Hair Fragrance. Not only does it give my hair the best sheen without looking greasy, it also leaves my scalp smelling BOMB!

Lastly, this is a recent product that I added into my hair routine towards the tail end of 2017, but one that I will be using all throughout 2018. I received this Ouai Wave Spray from the Clique Media Group/Who What Wear gifting suite back in December and was initially planning to just give it away because I thought it couldn’t be used on my hair type. But, contrary to what I thought, this product actually works! It gives me a nice amount of moisture and it’s what I apply to refresh my hair (if I decide not to recoil it the next day). And, it has a nice perfume scent that has my hair smelling delectable. It is a bit pricey but this is going to last me all through 2018 for sure.

Beauty ProductsSeyi's 2017 Favorites

Rihanna made the world stop when she came out with Fenty Beauty and I was waiting and ready to purchase as soon as the online store was open. The first two products I purchased were the Gloss Bomb and the Killawatt Highlighter in Moscow Mule/Ginger Binge. And I kid you not, adding these two items into my makeup kit has been the best decision I’ve made. I can wear the gloss with or without makeup, which in my mind is a WIN. And I shared a post where I used the gloss on my lids for a trendy look (that ultimately got reposted on the Fenty Beauty page…heeyyyyy!). The highlighter is also my absolute fave. Not only does it give my face the perfect amount of sheen, the color is black girl friendly to the 100th degree. I use this on my cheek, my inner corners, my lids…basically, I use it on my entire life.

2017 was the year I realized “what the hell was I doing before contouring???”. One day while I was at Sephora, I was purchasing some mascara, and I decided to test out the ABH Foundation Stick (my contour color is “Earth” for reference). First of all, my whole life has changed since that moment. This stick is the perfect way to either have the most beat contour of your entire existence or you can opt for something more subtle. The stick has so much product and color payoff that a little really does go a long way.

One of my coworkers “dashed” me this mini version of the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer one day, and I all I have to say to her is “you’re the real MVP”. Y’all, this primer is everything. It gives you that soft to touch feel without any type of stickiness, and it has helped with blending in my foundation each and every time.

Lastly, I’ve been using this Ariana Grande Moonlight perfume non stop since I’ve gotten it. It’s a perfect mixture between sweet and sultry, without either scent overpowering one another. The smell is absolutely everything and as the day goes on, it adjusts to your body and almost leaves you with somewhat of a signature scent.

Skincare FavoritesSeyi's 2017 Favorites

I already raved about two of these products on my Instastory last year, but here I am again to talk a little more in depth about them (in case you missed it).

This Dickinson’s Pore Perfecting Toner has been a apart of my routine ever since my cousin from Canada introduced me to it in the summer of 2017. She had a different version that had a bit more fragrance but after using it one time, I was pretty much sold. I decided to go for the one without fragrance because I know how sensitive my skin can be and I wanted to take precaution. Not sure how I wasn’t toning before, but now that I am, I can never go back. It has definitely helped to bring balance to my face and leaves me feeling refreshed after every wash.

Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser is officially my favorite cleanser of all time, ALL TIME. It’s super gentle on my skin and always leaves my face feeling SUPER clean. It is the perfect consistency between gel and foam and a little truly does go a long way. It is on the pricier side ($17 for the smaller size and $38 for the full size) but I promise it’s worth it.

I started using Dove’s Unscented Bar Soap for my face when I noticed that a facial wash I was using was no longer working for me. Because it had no fragrance and was meant for sensitive skin, I was confident that it would work on my face and body. It’s the one product that I know for a fact will never break me out and always leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. I have sensitive skin all over so I also use the Dove for my body if I’m not in the mood for a fragrance body soap.

Seyi's 2017 Favorites

Miscellaneous Favorites

I was clearly doing just fine with life before the Google Home Mini came along, but I would be lying if I said that it didn’t make somethings just a bit more easier. From playing music, to looking up recipes, traffic, weather, it has been a cool little sidekick for me especially when getting ready for work. And the size is perfect for my apartment. It perfectly fits on our side table and gives a little pop of color to our overall decor.

I’ve been really trying to carry less with me when I go out and this Who What Wear purse wallet has been the perfect addition to those outfits/days where all you need is your phone, driver’s license, and credit/debit card. I styled it in yesterday’s post and it’s so convenient to carry around.

I’ve been wearing this Timex watch non stop since receiving it. The slinky detail is just enough to wear it makes a statement, but simple enough that it can be worn with almost every outfit. I’ve worn it week to week for the last quarter of 2017 and it doesn’t look like that’s stopping anytime soon.

Thanks for reading this through. Until next time…

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