Short Suit Set

It’s a new month y’all! January was what I like to call a trial run. But even then, it was a pretty decent month. It’s amazing how a simple thing like changing your mindset really helps to place things into perspective. January was all about refreshing everything in my life. And February is still going to be about that too, with an added dose of getting sh*t done!short suit setshort suit set

I’ve never imagined myself wearing a short suit set…I mean ever. It’s one of those combos that I never thought would be flattering on my shape. Granted, it’s hard to really judge something when you’ve never given it a try…MESSAGE??. So when I was given the opportunity to choose some pieces from Ali & Jay‘s newest collection dropping in a few days, I initially stayed away from this set. But my eyes gravitated back to it and my exact thoughts were “this is way out of my comfort zone…I should get it”. And I know it’s just an outfit, but mentally making that decision to choose something that isn’t what I would normally wear had me feeling great. It also had me reflecting on other areas of my life that I try to “stay in my comfort lane”.short suit setshort suit set

I’m making it a point this year to do more non-Seyi-esque things, in hopes that once I do try them, they will become Seyi-esque things. So here’s to taking that first step with this outfit. The new collection from Ali & Jay drops soon so once it does I’ll be sure to have a direct link to purchase here. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed this post. I also hope you make it a point to put yourself out there and get tf out of your comfort zone. You won’t be sorry.short suit setshort suit set

Until next time…

Ali & Jay Short Suit Set | Quilted Purse (very similar) | Perspex Heels (similar) | Halter Bodysuit (scoop neck version)

All Photography by Kristen Ashley

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