My Signature Nude Lip

I feel like I go through a variety of nude lip combos, but there is always 1 or 2 that I find myself going back to more often than not. And today I am sharing with you my signature nude lip I’ve been rocking as of late. I also prefer a matte lip, but if you’re more of the glossy type, then applying a clear or pink toned gloss over this lip would look just as nice!

my signature nude lipmy signature nude lip

Step 1: You’re going to line your lips with a dark burgundy lip color. My favorite of all time is MAC’s Nightmoth. This color can work with nudes, reds, and browns. So it’s definitely worth the price because it will last you forever!

my signature nude lip

Step 2: Fill in the rest of your lip with NYX Abu Dhabi. I’ve talked about this lip color sooo many times on here so there should be no surprise that it’s included in my signature lip. When filling in, you want to make sure also apply the color to where you applied the liner. This will help in blending out the burgundy color into the nude color more seamlessly

my signature nude lip

Step 3: To give my lips just a bit more dimension, I add Colourpop’s Strip right in the center. This color is a much more pinky nude and when worn it’s own does not flatter my skin tone. But I love the lowkey gradient effect it gives.

my signature nude lipmy signature nude lip

And that’s it! 3 simple steps to my signature nude lip combo.

Until next time…

All Photography by Kristen Ashley

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