Winter Body Skincare Routine w/ Vaseline

Thank you to Vaseline for providing the products used in this post

Hey Everyone!

Now that Winter is around the corner (3 days to be exact), I’ve been paying waaayyy more attention to my skin and how it is reacting to the weather. I was never the type to really notice a major change in my skin from season to season, but as a 26 year old, my skin’s nourishment is now one of my top priorities.

CONFESSION: I’m the type of person that will not lotion my legs if I’m wearing pants.

I know, that ain’t right. But some days are a literal rush and I’m barely getting out the door to get to work. I began to notice that my skin was suffering because of this (i.e. excessive dryness, dry patches, irritation). So when the folks over at Vaseline sent over some goodies for me to try, I was all in!winter body skincare routine

Having all these products prompted me to be more serious about making sure that my body was nicely moisturized before I left the house. Especially as these days get colder and dryer, I wanted to make it a habit to take time to lotion all parts of my body, even the ones that are hidden underneath clothes. Not to mention, doing this is pretty relaxing and dare I say, a form of self care.

First off, the cocoa butter scent in these products…yesss! I’ve always loved cocoa butter and I grew up on that scent. My mom had a number of cocoa butter scented items around the house. It’s such a subtle but noticeable scent.

First up, the body lotion. I kid you not guys, this lotion has done WONDERS for my skin. I had a random dark spot on my leg a few weeks back (pic below) and I had no idea where it came from. It made me a little nervous because of the history of cancer within my family but I wanted to see if maybe it was just a reaction to not taking care of my skin. So I started generously putting lotion on my legs every morning before work. And the pic beside it is how my leg looks now. No spot. I mean, I was literally shocked. Because I had completely forgot about it. Until I remembered that there was something there. Besides ridding my leg of the spot, the body lotion does a fantastic job of keeping me nice and smooth throughout the day.

Next, the hand lotion. I keep this baby in my bag at ALL times because you just never know. One of my pet peeves is having really dry hands, especially after using the restroom while at work or any public space. I don’t naturally have super supple hands so I try my best to take extra care so that they remain soft to the touch. The hand lotion is thick but not overly heavy on the skin. It doesn’t take forever to work into the skin as well.

My lips start to get chapped at any sign of wind. I find myself putting on lip balm at least, 5 times a day, maybe more. Especially at work. I don’t know what it is but I really like to keep them moisturized. I’ve basically hit pan with this Vaseline lip balm because it’s that good. Again, the smell isn’t overpowering at all and it doesn’t leave my lips unnecessarily shiny.

Every week until the end of the month, I’ll be hosting a giveaway on the blog in honor of the holiday season and to say THANK YOU for being such loyal readers. This year has been a literal whirlwind for me (as I’m sure it has been for a lot of other people as well). But you guys have stuck with me and for that I am grateful.

For this week’s giveaway*, one lucky reader will win their own Vaseline Cocoa Kit just in time for the colder months!! To enter:

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That’s it! A winner will be chosen by Saturday, 12/2. Good luck!

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Until next time…

All Photography by Kristen Ashley


  1. dcameron2018 | 1st Dec 17

    Wow! This post couldn’t be more on time. You mentioned all my problem areas. The lips, hands and overall body. I’m guilty of neglecting to moisturize sometimes during the winter months. But I’ve vowed to myself to take better care of my skin. Starting with a moisturizer that works for me. With that being said thank you so much for sharing this post was very helpful and relatable!

  2. Vincent Desmond | 1st Dec 17

    Great post Seyi! I used to use The Vaseline products and I can testify to the magic.

  3. Uche | 1st Dec 17

    My problem areas are face and legs! They get soooo dry during the winter and its hard to keep up with lotioning up that consistently

  4. LaTisha | 29th Nov 17

    My problem area are my legs because I will get dressed and not use lotion in the mornings.

    • infashionitrust | 4th Dec 17

      Hi Latisha!! You are the winner of the giveaway! thanks so much for entering. please send your email and address to and you should expect to receive your package in the next week and a half. Thank you for supporting!

  5. zobelloindia | 29th Nov 17

    Its a competitive age of blogging and in which you are just superb. Keep going. Also we are the Men’s Clothing Manufacturer. Our Online Store name is Zobello. Please visit once. Thanks

  6. Bahamianista | 28th Nov 17

    I always slept on Vaseline products and opted for others but love your results. My problem areas are my back and lower body especially the hips and legs. Great post!

    • infashionitrust | 11th Dec 17

      Hey love! You are the runner up for the Vaseline giveaway! If you could please send over your address to so we can send out your goodies!

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