Glossy Lids + Glossy Lips

Ever since seeing the glossy lids trend take over for the summer, I’ve been very curious to try it out on myself. But summer has come and gone and it almost feels like I should be doing other makeup looks. But why not combine the best of both worlds and do a fall glossy lid. Y’all know the deal, something quick and easy for you to try and this overall look will take you no more than 10 mins to achieve! Note that glossy lids aren’t necessary full day friendly. But for a night out, you can do your thang!

glossy lidsglossy lids EYES

You’re going to prep your eyes with any type of concealer or eye primer. I used the former. To keep this look fairly simple, I first applied “Desert Rose” blush by MAC as an eyeshadow to the lid of my eye. In my crease, I added in a rust brown color to act as a transition shade. I used Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb as the gloss for the lid (I heard Glossier has a pretty nice gloss specifically for lids as well). This gave me a nice pinky finish that gave me a sort of a flushed look. I used another shaded brush to help blend out any harsh edges, and VOILA!


I kept with the Fenty theme and used the Pro Filter foundation. I have to mix the shades 420 and 430 together to get my perfect shade. It kind of sucks because I thought I was 430, but by the end of the day, it was way too red. And 420 is too yellow. I’m hoping when she comes out with additional shades, I’ll be able to find my perfect color. I stuck with my same highlight and contour routine that I usually do (I’ll have a full post on that in a few) and topped it off with Moscow Mule highlighter around my cheekbones and underneath my brow bone.

glossy lids LIPS

I’ve been obsessed with using the gloss bomb for its intended purpose: on my lips. It’s versatile enough to wear on those days that I only feel like wearing mascara. It’s the perfect gloss for me. This is coming from someone who never liked wearing any type of glossy lip.

Are you guys going to give this look a spin? It’s honestly so easy and can elevate your makeup look in less than 10 mins!

Until next time…

Products Used:

Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Foundation | Fenty Beauty Highlight in Moscow Mule/Ginger Binge | LA Girl Concealer in Fawn | Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour in Earth | Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb (on eyes and lips)


  1. Dee | 29th Nov 17

    You look so good 😲
    And yeah I’d defiantely give this look a try soon!!

    • infashionitrust | 29th Nov 17

      Thank you so much love!!!

  2. prettyshynerd | 14th Nov 17

    Beautiful….can’t wait to try it out

  3. Gerri | 14th Nov 17

    Love it!

    • infashionitrust | 14th Nov 17

      Thanks so much!!

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